I had a conversation at Stock Exchange with my mum and another lady today and we were discussing how to stay warm without looking bulky. I then shared with them what was going on underneath my black velvet jacket and I thought I'd share with you too!

- First, the vest, important for keeping the body warm.
- Then, the long t-shirt that can be tucked into jeans keeping the kidney area covered.
- Now for warm bits. I wear this unsightly old blue cashmere cardigan, but it is SO warm, so it's worth having a really cozy, but maybe a little ugly, jersey underneath for warmth.
- Then the wool waistcoat. This really make a difference for body warm and it's not chunky because it's sleeveless!
- Then the fur collar, keeping the neck, chest warm and making me feel like a hunter.

Then the trusty old velvet jack to tie it all together.
And that's how I keep warm during chilly winter days!
P.S the longer I write this post, the more ridiculous I think it is. But I already took the pics. So. ya. whatever. wear a vest. stay safe..


  1. haha ^_^ reminds me of myself in the mornings, i layer like mad!! x


  2. But your post made me laugh (with you, not at you)! And sometimes it's fun to see that people do similar things - I also do the vest and long-sleeved t-shirt, and cardigan, and jersey ...


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