Florence and Watson New Book - Pre-Sales

I'm busy illustrating the second book of our Florence and Watson empire. We debuted the theatrical show at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda in July this year. Florence and Watson present the Great Pangolin Mystery is a story about the dear PAngolin. The Pangolin is the worlds MOST trafficked mammal on the planet. That's pretty messed up. These shy nocturnal creatures are poached for their scales, which are made from keratin as well as their actual bodies. They are critically endangered, so we thought that we'd focus our second story on Pangy, the Pangolin.

We're busy raising money by pre-selling copies of the book to donate money to the African Pangolin Working Group and to pay for our print run.
Our goal is to pre-sell 500 copies of Florence and Watson Present the Great Pangolin Mystery with an accompanying audiobook at R250 each. The usual book cost is R250 and an audiobook is R150.

Of the R125 000 raised –
R60 000 will cover our printing costs and
R50 000 will go directly to the African Pangolin Working Group.
R10 000 will go towards the cost of 100 trilingual books of Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse, that we will be giving away to kids in need in the Eastern Cape when we do an isiXhosa reading of that book at the National Arts Festival at the beginning of July as well as other readings around South Africa.
R5000 will go towards general running costs such as credit card fees etc.

You can find out more here and buy our book here.


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