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3 Bedroom house with flatlet in Barrydale

OMG We're selling our beautiful house in Barrydale! Before we list it on Property 24 etc. we thought we'd let our network know about it. This is the first house that we bought and have loved it immensely.  The garden of this property is a real oasis in the karoo. Huge, established trees (rare in Barrydale) creating shade and home to an array of bird life. It's nature FM all day and night, with a chorus of frogs in the evening.  The house itself is in such a perfect position as there are no houses right next door at all. The two side neighbours' houses are set quite far from our property. There are two empty plots behind the property at the back garden and two empty plots in front of the house, on the other side of the road. In fact, this little stretch of the road has no other properties on the other side of the road. We converted the garage into the Moon Cabin and it's been running as an airbnb since 2018. You can see our airbnb listing  here . Barrydale is such an

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