New Jumper!

I got a new jumper on the weekend.
I heart it. I've worn it 3 days in a row!
I love Country Road.


  1. Who's a lucky b*tch then? Lucky b*tch. I'm so jealous, obvs. Cna i at least touch it sometime?

  2. yes. yes you may, it's the kind that sheds, so you can take a little with you on a piece of sticky tape :)

  3. oh i love country road too. must go and check out their new stuff... also really love your necklesses (how many s are there in that word?)

  4. Hi Lauren,

    Lovely to meet you! We definitely have ALOT of interests in common. There's a few of us out there that like to knit and illustrate and make stuff in general, love that! And I like Country Road too.

    All the best


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