Eat Your Heart Out

On Friday night, I took myself into town and went to my friend Jade's house. Jade is an amazing chef with no official training but the best imagination and taste buds ever because the food she prepares always tastes awesome. It's that kinda good that makes you shut your eyes involuntarily. I always think looks so stupid when people do that, but her food really does invoke this physical reaction, followed by smiles all round.

So! We had a cooking night. There were 5 dishes and 10 people. We cooked in groups of 2, Miles and I made the best tomato soup we had ever tasted (to our surprise!) and the rest was all divine. We had different bottles of Pinot Noir to compliment the food as well as a little lesson on which wines are good with which food.

I had an awesome evening.
Thank you Jade!
Check out Jade's blog here, as well as the recipes I designed and illustrated for her.


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