My Hair

Today, I thought I'd share the length of my hair with you.
I was one of those little girls who had short hair.
My mother believed that my thin hair should stay short.
I had long hair twice before.
Once when I was about 14 (awkward teenager face) and again just after high school when I lived in England and dyed my hair a lot.
I've also shaved off my hair twice.
Random post.


  1. OMG look at you all GOODY GOODY in the middle picture hahahahaaha! You were that girl in school who was always Class Captain and knew what to say in French class, weren't you?

  2. not at all!
    never class captain, always class reject. and i can't speak french.

  3. can so relate to the short-hair-as-a-child thing..i ALWAYS had short hair and my pudding bowl scarred sure it's one of the reasons i have been growing my hair for the past four years..too scared to cut it!

  4. I like your hair now! Its killa!!

    Also you have a small face so short styles look banging on you. Not everyone can carry off a jaw line bob!

  5. Soooo true Old Cow, I tell her that all the time. I had such long hair growing up that it was past my ass and Carlton hair refused to attend to me once cos my hair spilled out of their basins. I developed sleeping problems cos I tangled in my own hair!

  6. What was it with moms and whack cropped hair! I even carried a mushroom cut on my kop in st4! SO WRONG! I'm gonna ask her to pay me back by helping me comb out my half dreaded knots. That should get her back for all those years she had daughters with hassle free hair!


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