Naturals Beauty Packaging Update

I really do love doing packaging work and I especially love doing this work for Naturals Beauty.
I've been working for Tanya for the past 5 years and we felt that the Essential Collection range was starting to look a little dated, so we freshened it up with a whole new look. I've been using the EC Range since I started working on the brand all those years ago. The Day Cream is so light and moisturising, which is perfect for my combination skin. The exfoliator is great for my T-zone that needs an extra scrub down once a week. The Gel Cleanser smells amazing and leaves my face feeling soft and clean. The anti-aging serum is a new product that's been added to the range. I don't have any wrinkles yet, but I've been using it anyway on my neck and bust. The product feels very luxurious and smells great!

Naturals Beauty truly one fo the best natural, organic, cruelty-free brands out there and affordable to boot! Their baby range, body care range and mature skin range are also fabulous products. We'll be rolling out some new packaging later this year, so keep an eye out for a new look!
Buy the Essential Collection on Faithful to Nature.


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