Schoone Oordt and Swellendam Day 2


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Day Two!
After our 3 course breakfast at Schoone Oordt, we were picked up by Swellencab to go wine tasting for the day. Have you ever heard of the little wine farm called Sijnn? It's pronounced "Sein" or "Sane", "Insane in the membrane."

The farm feels desolate, as it's located in an area outside of Swellendam, called Malgas. There are two ways to get there from Swellendam and the way we came in required us to go across a river on the pontoon. I had no idea what a pontoon is and I was very excited when we got on it. A pontoon is basically a raft for you and your vehicle to get across the river, it's man-powered on a pulley system. Very cool.

Once we arrived at Sijnn, we were told some information about the vineyards and the wine. David Trafford is the wine maker at Sijnn. The wines are sophisticated and taste very different to the run of the mill wines we're used to. The style of farming is different here. The vines don't look manicured like other wine farms, they're still laid out in rows, but everything feels raw and wild here.

We tasted several wines, ate a DELICIOUS platter (because we still had space after a 3 course breakfast  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and took a tour through the wine cellar.

We jumped back into our Swellencab and set course for our next destination, which was Jan Harmsgat, for more wine.  Jan Harmsgat is a beautiful 15 - 20 min drive out of Swellendam, a nice spot for having lunch on your way out of town or if you don't want to commit to a lot of travelling for the day.

We enjoyed a tasting and a curry lunch. I was very into their Sauvignon Blanc. Lovely passion fruity notes and I can imagine it served ice cold on a Spring day. I purchased 2 bottles at their farm stall. The farm also produces pecan nuts and pomegranates. You can buy pecan nuts and pomegranate juice at the farm stall.

Thaya had the home grown pecan pie, I took photos and watched, like a creep. We finished our visit by singing and playing a bit of Fleetwood Mac on their baby grand, as you do when a baby grand is in the room.

Back to Swellendam! After a day of being in the car, we took ourselves up the road from Schoone Oordt to the dam in the mountain. We went for a walk in the forest and took some photos of the chilly sunset.

We finished out the evening with an early dinner in the conservatory at Schoone Oordt. I opted for the mushroom risotto because I was feeling a bit meated out. Thay opted for the steak, which did look succulently delicious.

We went straight to our hot water bottle beds, ate our chocolatey truffles and both scrolled ±3km of Instagram. 💕


  1. Thank you for visiting Sijnn and for capturing our spirit so beautifully!


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