Schoone Oordt #LoveSwellendam September special 2018 - Day 1

Thaya and I had the amazing privilege of staying at Schoone Oordt in Swellendam again last week. They're running their annual #loveswellendam special and I'm gonna tell you all about, as well as what to do in the area.

The #loveswellendam special is:
2 nights for the price of 1, R2425 for a luxury room or R3435 for the honeymoon suite or family suite. Price is per room and not per person! All stays include an outstanding 3-course breakfast and high tea. Check my #loveswellendam highlight reel on Instagram to get an idea of activities to do in the area. Or let me just show you below!

The service at Schoone Oordt is always spectacular, Fidney and Ian always make us feel like we're arriving home when we come to stay. We conveniently arrived just in time for high tea, so had a cup of green tea and a scone while our bags were taken to our rooms.

The rooms have recently been given a facelift and have just the most luxurious feel to them. The luxury rooms have these amazing new headboards, a vintage wardrobe, a tea & coffee bar, a little lounge, a king size bed, a bath & a shower, a basin for each person, underfloor heating and the most gorgeous locally made Rain products. Oh! And the carpets! The new plush carpets are a dream to walk on and I wish I had inner soles made from them. Heavenly.

Alsion, the owner of the hotel, left us a bottle of MCC which we enjoyed as we got ready for dinner.

The dams are full in Swellendam at the moment and I took the opportunity to do the most luxurious thing I can think of: have a bath by candlelight. It was amazing. I haven't had a bath in about 3 years, I'm more of a shower person, but I've really been craving a good soak lately. It was glorious.

Alison had organised us a table at La Sosta. They hadn't even officially reopened yet. The new chefs have recently taken it over and were only opening the following week. I cannot stress enough what a beautiful and delicious experience this was. We started the meal with more MCC (obvs) and an amuse bouche of parmesan brulee, home baked bread with sundried tomato butter and I had the carpaccio served with local pine ring mushrooms. Thaya had the "Trota fumée" which is the smoked ocean trout. All the food was so beautifully presented.

Thaya graciously let me choose the wine, La Sosta offers a number of local wines from the region and I just had to go with the Wild Yeast Chardonnay from Springfield, because it's irresistible. Our second starter was the "Tortello nel Bosco" a pasta filled with porcini mushrooms in a chicken broth for me and for Thaya, the "Fagotta Norvegese" a pasta filled with Norwegian salmon in a tomato-based sauce. We also just couldn't help but want to taste the Risotto too, so the saffron "alla Milanese" Risotto came after that.

By this stage, I was starting to feel a little full, but we had to power on! I chose us a red blend called Jupiter by Kleinhoek Wines and it went beautifully with our mains. Thaya had the pan seared octopus with potato cream and caper powder and I had the beef short rib with baby spinach and black garlic mayonnaise.

Dessert was a tiramisù and it was delightful. The whole evening at La Sosta was dreamy. Thaya and I rolled ourselves home and into hot waterbottle beds at Schoone Oordt to prepare for another foodie day in the morning.


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