Schoone Oordt and Swellendam Day 1


If you want to experience an amazing weekend in Swellendam like we did, Schoone Oordt is having a Winter special until September! 2017 Any 2 nights for R3k, that's a R1400 saving! This includes delicious 3-course breakfasts and delightful afternoon teas. Quote #loveSwellendam when enquiring.

Something happens when you travel. 
Even if it’s just a couple of hours out of town.
Out of your comfort zone, away from your routine.

It’s like you have to figure out yourself in a new place. What is my routine in this place? What do I like here? The way we answer these questions is to ask ourselves, “What feels good?” As we get older, we know the fundamentals about ourselves, but when new obstacles come our way, we’re faced with a challenge. When we’re in our comfort zone, we tend to not make big changes or try something new.  Most of the time we do these things when something has rocked us, most of the time it’s a negative thing, a break-up, a life-threatening situation, usually something that makes you re-evaluate your life. 

With travel, this exciting exhilaration comes from the simplest things. Hiking a mountain you’ve never been on. Touching the plants with your finger tips as you walk up a path you’ve never walked before. Everything is new, everything seems to unfold in slow motion. When you’re experiencing yourself in a new location every day, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when we loosen the grip on our habits.

This is how I felt on my trip to stay at the Schoone Oordt Country House in Swellendam.

Arriving at Schoone Oordt at high tea is a treat. A cup of coffee or a selection of teas paired with scones with fresh cream, rusks, fruit salad and cakes. To be honest, I'm not a sweety, so I only ate a scone. Which was #sotaste

We were shown to our room, which has a fireplace, by the way, I mean, so romies. Thaya and I had just arrived in Swellendam and I'd heard so many myths of this wonderful waterfall up in the Marloth Reserve. So we dropped our bags and raced up the road, oh yes, the Marloth Nature reserve is literally just up the road from Schoone Oordt.

Visitors pay R40 for a day pass to the reserve. The walk up the waterfall is steep. I'm am really unfit, but I made it to the waterfall, huffing and puffing. From the parking lot to the waterfall and back again is a 1 hour excursion. It was longer for us because I bent down and took photos of EVERYTHING.

That evening, Alison, the owner of the guesthouse, organised a cheese platter and soup for us.
Because I am a food beast, we had a second dinner at Field and Fork. Thay had the, "local rack of lamb with ratatouille, fresh basil, white truffle pomme puree, watercress, black olive tapenade, basil pesto and jus." I'm drooling just writing this. I had the "Fillet of Black Angus beef with green asparagus, cauliflower purée, shitake mushrooms and Cabernet, pancetta lardon and pearl onion jus." WHAT? It was amazing. Other offers on the menu included Slow Roast Belly of Pork and the veg option, a Baked Caprese tart. We didn't have any starters or dessert since we had already eaten our first dinner at the hotel. Lol. See that couple in the background? They just got engaged, he's a vet and he pulled the ring box out of a cow, ha!

We went home to the hotel. Our room was toasty and they'd put hot water bottles in our beds. The turndown service really is 5 star. Next to our bed, were two truffles and tomorrows weather forecast. A hot shower and straight to bed we went. Warm and toasty. 


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