Screen Printing Is Fun!

I spent my day at the Fittees workshop doing a screen priniting workshop with some friends, we learnt how to screen print as well as where to get all the equipment to do it ourselves.
This was my final result.
I printed 5 t-shirts and quite a few pieces of paper.


  1. That's awesome! Don't suppose you have any shirts left over to sell, do you?

  2. LOVE it!!! PLEASE sell me one! We have a knitting group that meets fortnightly in Vredehoek.

  3. No way!
    I do the Craft group at the Book Lounge with Jesse. Okay, I only printed a couple, but I think I'm going to do a run with Fittees if I can get enough orders.

  4. your tatooes are sik! I love them very much. (-_*)

  5. hello! that workshop was fun wasnt it? I printed some posters.

  6. cool! i did a couple of these posters too!


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