Collaboration With GLMS Cards

This is my most recent project, I teamed up with GLMS Cards and we produced these cute little packs of cards.

Each plastic card holder contains 14 different cards each with their own quirky message and illustration by me! There are two kinds which you can purchase, the first is the sweet one filled with messages such as "A friend is one who knows us but loves us anyway", then there's the naughty range filled with suggestive messages such as, "I don't have any broekies on." Each card has a space on the back to write your own personalised message.

They should be in stores soon so keep a look out!

P.S backdrop on photograph courtesy of Skinnylaminx's tea towel.


  1. Hey missy,

    these are sooo beautiful. I definitely want some...I love the one with the kiising!

    Well done :)

  2. oooh i love your little birdies!


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