In mid December, my best friend, Gene and I got married and made the most amazing promises to one another in front of all our friends and family. We had Maike and Travis from We Love Pictures to document our wedding and they captured the whole day perfectly. Once we received our photos, it was as if we were reliving the whole day! 

The preparation of all the decor etc was such a huge part of the day. My maid of honour, Leila and I spent the weeks leading up to the wedding sourcing bottles, buying fairy lights, designing menus, organising SOMA chocolate pots as thank you gifts and ordering flowers. As part of my bridal shower, I asked my lovely lady friends to make wreaths as decoration for the wedding which was the following weekend. Gene made us these big, awesome steel rod letters, a G, L and a heart which got wrapped up in fairy lights and hung up on the wall in the dining area.

Our wedding took place on the magical farm of Adi & Cornelia Badenhorst's farm, Kalmoesfontein in Die Swartland. I wore a custom wedding dress made for me by Sandy Lykiardopoulos, a vintage gold choker from my god mother, my mother's bangle and a blue garter. My lovely friend, Natalie Roos, did my make up and hair. Both our wedding rings were made by Karin from Dear Rae and Leo wore a bow tie by Bow PeepI did all the design and illustration work as well as our wedding invitation and stationery.

Leo (our dog) was our best man and Leila (pic above) was my maid of honour. That styling lady looking boss is my mom. I couldn't resist putting that cute picture of our bakkies in. My white bakkie looks like she's in a wedding dress and Gene's one in a tux. Cute man.

Gene wore a Country Road suit, shoes and a vintage tie and belt. Leila made a boutonnière for Gene and my father to add that "dapper" touch. Since Leo is a dog and his gift is one of stink and true love, Leila took it upon herself to give Gene a Best Man's gift. She chose this elegant antique hip flask and a beautiful vintage hanky which came in use during the ceremony as my face elegantly leaked throughout the entire event.

Our ceremony took place in the forest and it was waaaaay more emotional than I thought it would be. I was so petrified, driving up to the forest, to make these huge vows in front of all these people! But then I realised that the only person who was going to help me through this was Gene and "all these people" were the friends and family who were there to support us and witness us making these promises to each other. 

I walked down the "aisle" to an organ piece that Gene rewrote to be played on brass. Gene's fatehr and step mother as well as 3 of our friends played the piece which felt so special. The second I saw Gene, the relief ran over me, followed by tears. Leo came running over to give me a reassuring sniff. Then our ceremony began.

The ceremony was stunning and I felt that everyone there, felt it too. The vows we chose were quite long and intense and really supported the values we hold in our lives. 

Gene's mother, Wynsome, gave the reading which was a lovely Buddhist piece of writing that she had chosen. My brother, Russell, followed, reading a piece he wrote himself on his own experience of marriage, which was one of the highlights of our day. Everyone commented on this part of his writing which I think a lot of people could relate to.
"The best description of marriage I ever heard was made in reference to architectural structure… that its strength is the result of a delicate balance between stress and support… 
I like that description because it implies that active forces are required to make it work, a kind of dynamic tension between the mundane and the sublime that makes the act of marriage one of purposeful intention, of daring, courage and high adventure."

The beautiful grounds of Kalmoesfontein and the banner that Wynsome made for us with our nicknames, "Gin & Elly".

Me and my maaaaan doing our portraits.

Drinks on the lawn after the ceremony.
Followed by some lols.

Just being in love with my husband. Also showing off our "marriage" tattoos by Manuela from Wildfire  that we got a couple of months earlier. Then Tenzin, Gene's nephew came to hang out with us. Such a cutie!

After signing the registry, we got to hang out with all our friends and finally get a drink in! Yes! Champagne!

Gene and I hugged every single one of our guests. Above, my aunty Hilary being the most excite about our marriage, having a group hug with Marietjie, just looking at my Gurl Group made me burst into tears and hugging my pal Jules who had just been married a couple of months before us. Then, Gene having more cuddles with Marietjie whilst I'm cuddling with that hairy man arm.

Our family portraits.

After the crying and drinking, there was snacks. Best. When Gene and I planned our wedding, one of the most important things was that we had plenty of tasty food. We both love mexican food and who does it better than El Burro? Nick brought their little taco truck through and put out the most divine buffet. I cannot express the gratitude we feel towards Nick, Rene and their team. They pulled out all the stops for us and there was SO MCUH food! It was another highlight of the day. Mmm!

With Gene and I being musicians and singers, we have singer musician friends. We asked Jamie Jupiter, Simon Van Gend and Joshua Grierson to play some of their music for us. It was a gorgeous transition into the evening having them play 3 of their own original songs.

Both our father's spoke which was super special and awesome to hear them say loving things about us.

Then there was lots of kissing and eating and hanging out with my gurls.

Gene and I read our speeches, we drank wine, we ate cake. The whole evening was just perfect. 
Please enjoy the debauchery that followed.

Best. Day. Ever.


  1. How did I miss this????
    Such a beautiful wedding, people, photos - and the way you've put them together here is really exceptionally lovely.

    Just realised the other day you're Tenzin's auntie now - he's school friends with my Stella.

    Hope married life is sweet.


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