Hell yeah!

I've got 5 double tickets to give away for Decorex!
All you gotta do is follow me on twitter, tweet me (@laurenxfowler) and use the hashtag #LAURENFOWLERforDecorex

I'll also be giving away a set of gift cards and a print!
First prize is 1 set of double tickets and an Ouroboros print.

Second is 1 set of double tickets and a gift card set.
Then three other winners for double tickets.

Yay! Tweet me! 

Preferably with a picture of a cat :)
P.S The give away is only open to people who are in Cape Town this week...cause that's where the show is. Obvs.


  1. miss fowler,

    the only thing that makes me happier that cat memes is beautiful design.

    pluheeze bless me with tickets to decorex!

    also, if you would be so kind and GIMME that super sick ouroboros print for my [very sad] apartment, well, i'd greatly appreciate it.

    tickets = monday funk, squashed


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