I trotted off to the Topshop opening the other night at the V&A Waterfront, I arrived and instantly felt the rush...the rush for socks.Topshop has always been my favourite place to buy socks, I've got some real cute and crazy ones. Finally, no wait, FINALLY, we too can have crazy fun with our ankles.

 I purchased some cute ones, fancy ones and a pair with cray cats with party hats on them.

I felt the need to buy some panties too, so I did the same here, crazy American states briefs, pretty cute ones and some sexay ones. 
I also bought Gene some man socks. He didn't find them just as thrilling as I did.

The make up section is well stocked with all the fancy bits as well as brushes and all that girly stuff. I bought copper nail polish. 

Topshop also had a free personal shopping service, rad, right!?

I really loved the mens clothing and the prices are also just right.

Basically, I'll be spending some more monies at Topshop preeetty soon.
See you there!

P.S Do you guys like my stick font I made?


  1. Love your stick font but am also super-excited about the lingerie sizing.

  2. i love shopping for lingerie , i just never have a size that matches my enthusiasm:/. also the font is totes adorbs


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