I've been doing some Font downloading.
Lots of it. I came across this beautiful blog with a list of free fonts that has taken me most of 2 evenings to get through all the amazingness. I'm not even sure how I got through to the blog in the first place, it was probably through my Pinterest

I made a new typography friend through all these links and I tweeted at him (@JamesTEdmondson) and mentioned how beautiful I thought his typography is and he sent me this!

Then, I came across a very cool design web design site and saw this snap shot of a site with a cat on it and some other lovely desaturated images. When I clicked on said image, it took me to a site filled with animated gifs!! My favourite! 
I clicked on the cat having a self bath instantly. Then some music started playing and it was quite nice. 
I then saw that the whole album was a free download. 
So, I downloaded it. 
I'm listening to it as I write this and it's very lovely, soft, folky, ukeleleleleyy music, beautiful male vocals and and. Great website, great music, all for you.
Look at the rad gifs, listen and download here.

Sean Lam:
Hanging Up The Moon is a 'self titled' 11 track album comprising of a series of home recordings.

It's been awhile since I've done something musically and this album is the result of me trying to satisfy that urge to get back at music making. Since I currently do not have the time to commit to my band, the only way forward is to do this alone and at home. All the recordings took place in ungodly hours (hence the moniker), mostly because that's really the only window of time I have. The stillness of the night and early mornings also helped, for I was simply working on this album in my study and not a sound proof studio.

In terms of the music, its really raw and simple stuf
f. I wanted to get back to writing songs that I can play in their entirety using just a guitar or ukulele, campfire songs if you'd like. Going folk this time around allowed me to better focus on the crafting of words. The minimal instrumentation was also fitting in terms of the mood and feelings I was trying to convey. The process of writing these songs and getting them out of my head have been rather therapeutic for me. I do hope you will enjoy listening to the album as much as I enjoyed making it.



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