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After tweeting this link and talking about with other prolific bloggers in the country, I've decided to not take part in the SA Blog awards. At all. Ever.

If they can't take the time to research what's happening in the blogging world in our country, then I can't take the time to even pretend like I want to take part.

Another blogger forwarded me a letter from the SA Blog awards (no one has got back to me yet) and this is what they have to say:

Thank you for your comments regarding the categories.
We are aware of the recent Cape Town award. The design category is however a very broad category and as such there are several different types of sub categories for design, as you have correctly pointed out.
It is however not feasible or practical to create awards for categories and sub categories, and virtually impossible to get clarity on the design category.
As an example design could be fashion design, web design, business design, communication design etc... 
These blogs could then spill over into other categories which are more definable. 
We are trying our level best to ensure the blog categories are easy to enter, understand and practical to manage.
We really do appreciate your input, and will consider additional categories in future. 
Best Regards
SA Blog Awards

So that's the answer why your design / DIY / Fashion / web design / interior design / insert anything creative here, will not be taking part in the SA Blog awards. Because it's too broad a subject therefore it most certainly doesn't count and we'll leave it out altogether. 


  1. They did not reply to my mail or my tweet either.

    I have some theories about these categories, one being that art/design/DIY blogs tend to be personal blogs about the blogger's work, and don't take in much advertising.... so there's no money to be made off us.

    But perhaps I'm being too cynical and they really just didn't see us in the corner over there.

  2. I think Jesse's right.
    Thanks Lauren, for creating a stir ;)
    There's lots of 'parenting bloggers'(another category dropped) equally pee'd off and also determined to ignore the event all together in the future.
    Who needs 'em anyway!

  3. I agree with all of these comments, but in the end, i just don't like putting their horrible banner on my blog.
    It being a design blog, that thing looks horrid.

  4. I entered this year and regret it. When the results were in, I went to check out who won my category (I think I entered design) and the blog wasn't really about design. huh!?


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