Dear SA Blog Awards...

This is a letter I've just written to the SA Blog Awards. You can see the Categories list here.

I'm writing to inform you that your categories are terrible.
I can't fit my blog into any of these "boxes" 

There is no section for Design or illustration or the arts or Craft or DIY or Interior Design, the list goes on.
You're going to have a very large group of people under the "Entertainment / Lifestyle" category, which, in my opinion is going to make it very unfair to the people who are in fact just trying to fit their blog in somewhere.

I'm not sure if you did any research into what kind of blogs are happening in South Africa, in fact, I'm sure you didn't.

If anything, the second option box should at least be a sub category of what you've put in the first option. 

Option 1 
- Entertainment / Lifestyle
Option 2 
- Interior Design
- Illustration / Design
- Journalism / Writing

Please take a look at my blog and tell me where it fits in.


  1. I've just had a look at the categories and totally agree with you. I would have liked to see more categories like personal, parenting, streetstyle, crafts...

  2. I too find myself in the same situation as you, running an Art/Design blog. Three years Prior as well as two years ago they had a design/art section, last year it was dropped only to be re-introduced after I had signed up.
    I then found myself in a section that made no sense.
    After having been a runner up for two years in a row I was suddenly left out in the dry.
    This year I didnt register in the hope that they would once again change directions mid stream and give something to us arty folk.

    And yet nothing, very dissapointed, although to be honest I dont know why I ever had my hopes up in the first place.

  3. Yes!
    And so much irony with Cape Town winning the World Design Capital title...but there isn't even a section for us on the badly designed website.

    The whole DIY, streetstyle, design, innovation, trend is so big at the moment. How can there be no section for these!?

    I'll keep an update on what's happening with them over there.

  4. Thanks for writing the letter, somebody had to do it. I look forward to seeing more categories for artsy folk in the awards, and will be more likely to vote if there are more blogs like yours to choose from.

  5. Dude !! good for you - you at least wrote a letter, a few years ago i just decided to boycott them all together!!!i know my blog is seriously niche but even a lucky pony didn't really fit in a good category.

    It was also real nice to meat you in RL !!!

  6. F'ck em... is that seriously their logo? Shows how much they know.


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