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I did this doodle in my diary yesterday during a meeting, I haven't drawn in a while. It felt nice.

I sent a bit of time on my room this week, throwing out old things, moving things around etc.
I put my new Skinny cushions on my bed and bough some beautiful proteas, I'm also in the process of getting the working area of my room to make more sense, more on that later.

I've found more embroidery hoops! Therefore I can now take more orders for cross stitch wall hangings. I've put a pen in the pics so you can get an idea of how big the 4 and 5 inch hoops are.


  1. Hey Lauren. loving the cross stitch work you're doing and also a fan of your button earrings. I've been cross stitching for years, its the only girlie homemaker type thing i'm good at. I've battled to find cool projects and patterns for cross stitching but i've noticed that its now quite a trendy thing and I've seen some great work popping up here and there. If you have any cool links I could look at please let me know. Thanks! Lea


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