Spot The Difference

I've moved into the main bedroom in my house and I've taken some panoramic pictures to document the transition.

Pic 1: Chaos. I hung the curtains and took bits and pieces up from my room downstairs.

Pic 2: Got my dad and brother round to switch the beds around for me. Moved up almost everything from the downstairs room.

Pic 3: Hung up my mirror, organised work space and a "cutting table", a bedside table, and all my clothes which are behind me in the shot. The little space on the right is being saved for a special project I'm doing, more on that later.



  1. I like that, "thing maker"! I think that is what I am too for I havent the conviction to call myself a designer.

    I found your blog through Lucky Pony and I am awfully glad that I did.


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