A Day in the Life of Lauren!

So! Last week was "Day in the Life of..." or Blogger Friday, whatever you call it, Beatnik Bazaar tagged me and this is what I got up to!

It started with a coffee with Thaya, I forgot to take a picture of my beautiful foam art coffee, so alas, this is a pic of the aftermath.

I bought a bottle of wine for our friend's birthday (which we didn't get round to going to) and I went to Fish Hoek to use the sticky internet cafe to download some files for work. On my way there, I saw this lady on her balcony scowling at the traffic and pedestrians, I liked it.

I worked on my friend's website for a bit and then had a look at my diary to see what else was on the day's agenda.

I took a break and wrote my best friend a letter on this rad paper my friend brought back for me from Japan. That was fun, I like writing letters.

Next, I did a bit of knitting whilst waiting for Thaya to pick me up. Went to Thaya's house and finished up some work (too many things open as usual)

Then there was tea, lunch/dinner thing that Thaya made us and a last check in the diary to see if I haven't forgotten anything too important.

I had some trouble with my power cable and had to sit next to the power point and hold the plug whilst copying my files to my flash drive..

I didn't take any pics of the rest of the night cause my flash on my phone camera is blinding and they often just come out gross, but here's a pic that Thaya took of me and some friends at Rick's, where we went for dinner :)

Check out Thaya's day here and Marietjie's day here!


  1. I'm glad you used your crafty writing paper :) and I totally hear you in terms of having to hold the power plug in a certain position to make it work. I struggled with that for months but finally managed to get a new AC cable. It was a pain!


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