Epitaph By Faith47, Rowan Pybus and Inge Beckmann

epitaph from rowan pybus & faith47 on Vimeo.

This is some of the most impressive work I've seen in a while. The production is slick, beautiful, honest and emotive. Featuring close ups of Faith47 painting to the haunting voice of Inge Beckmann's song, Epitaph. The use of slow motion gives the video a somewhat dreamlike filter and captures the viewers attention throughout. 5 stars.
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"epitaph is an exploration of lost spaces entered through sounds and images to reveal the echoes of empty rooms, flakes of paint, swollen curves, fragile lines, stories hidden in the flat colors broken apart by wood and steel…
rowan pybus, faith47 and inge beckmann worked closely together to produce this short video piece…
this is the third in a series of videos that faith47 and rowan pybus have been working on."
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inge beckmann


  1. Just wow! The textures, the old hearse, the boat living out it's dying days on dry land, the kids sliding down the hill in boxes, the calm, slightly bewildered nguni cow - it's all too awesome and somewhat emotional- i love it!


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