Miss Complainy Pants

Today I'm not a nice person.
My throat hurts.
My new flat has a million things broken in it and I'm moving in tomorrow morning.
My cat seems to be injured.
The bin men didn't collect my garbage on Monday.
I feel uninspired.
I have to pack up the whole house into boxes tonight.

Pass the whiskey.
(Oh right, I have none, someone drank it all at my house cooling...)


  1. Oh, we all have to complain some time - and it looks like you've got real cause to! Hope you (and the cat) feel better soon. (Fresh ginger in hot water helps for the throat ...)

  2. Hope your luck picks up!! And that you get everything sorted soon! And you and your cat feel better!

  3. Aw! That sounds very glum. I hope you feel better soon (and everything gets done). And I hope your cat is okay.


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