Kreativ Blogger

Here's a little apartment that I drew...

I've been tagged by Jezze as a Kreativ Blogger!
So I have to list 7 things I love and then tag another 7 bloggers to do the same.

1: A purring cat on my lap.
2: Making stuff.
3: Tea and anything to do with tea.
4: Pretending that I'm in a movie.
5: Rubbing my eyes really hard before going to sleep.
6: Thai Green Curry! And anything with chillies.
7: Dancing in the dark by myself.

I tag!! (I know heather has been tagged already, but i can't help it...)


  1. Ah, the tea link in the tag persists...

  2. Hey Lauren I've made my list now! Thanks so much for tagging me! I feel honoured!
    My lists are over at my blog now!

  3. Coffee definitely seems to be on the way out...

  4. rubbing eyes before sleeping is the BEST!!!! makes sleeping feel so much better


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