Books from Maynardville

I wonder what Katy DID do...she looks slightly possessed.

Here's the image from my First Aid book!

An image from inside Futility Farm.

This is a South African book, I rfeally love how the cover has aged.

I lvoe this cover so much. The people look so..folkie.

Great illustration, so scray.

This is from a First Aid Book, it looks slightly homosexual...

An illustration from the book, "The Flying Bicycle".

I went to the Maynardville Community Chest on Saturday and I picked up some books at the R20 per kilo book stand. After spending just under R100, these are the choice book covers and illustrations. AND look at the first aid pic! It's exactly the same as the one I picked up from Eye Candy!


  1. I think the cover designer for Futility Farm got it just right. I like it.

  2. Ooh, you resigned! Well done. I'm as busy as I was before I resigned (of course), but feel so freeeee!


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