Breakfast // Dressing Up Oats

I don't eat breakfast most mornings. I usually sip on a coffee whilst getting ready to leave the house. I then spend the better part of the morning trying not to crave a bready breakfast thing and by the time 11:30 rolls around, I'm the first one ordering a huge lunch.
I know that breakfast is so important bla bla bla, but I'm kinda allergic to wheat and definitely allergic to dairy. In the morning, all I can think about is cheese on toast or something, anything, on toast. My thoughts are that I want to start the day healthy, so I don't buy those things, but, I did buy oats.
Oats. So boring. So bland.

(I'm still trying to figure out of I'm allergic to oats or not, cause I'm sneezing whilst writing this. But it could also be the myriad of "illegal" things I ate yesterday.) Anyway, here is a lovely "recipe" to dress up your oats.


- 1 cup of whole oats, preferably GMO free (Nature's Choice is a good one and it's not expensive)
- A pinch of salt
- Almond milk (almond breeze from checkers is R29.99, no need to take out a mortgage) or any milk substitute or milk if you and dairy are friends. (jels)
- A tsp of honey
- A spattering of chia seeds
- A dusting of cinnamon powder
- A squiggle of sesame seeds (unhulled, find the black variety at Atlas on Wale St or an Indian spice shop)
- A grab of almond nuts and pumpkin seeds roughly chopped or lightly milled

I used weird adjectives for the quantities because you can put in as much or as little as you want.


1: Cook the oats like it tells ya to on the bag. I prefer to put in half water, half almond milk, super creamy. Add the pinch of salt and a teaspoon of honey.
2: While that guy is cooking, roughly mill or chop the almonds & pumpkin seeds.
3: When your oats are ready, put them in a bowl, mix through the chia seeds, top with cinnamon powder, the sesame seeds, more chia, your chopped nuts and a little bit more almond milk.

That's it.
It's pretty tasty, especially on a cool morning.

Update, a lot of my followers on instagram had some delicious input:

Sounds delish. My best oats recipe - make oats as you did in step 1. While it is cooking add the zest of a big orange, the juice from the same orange, and if you like a bit of vanilla essence. when it's nearly ready then add a decent amount of cinnamon. With the almond milk it will be even better. It's as delicious as pudding (well almost haha)!

@laurenxfowler Have you tried soaking oats over night? If you soak in water you get oat milk so you don't need to add other dairy or dairy sub. Minimalist Baker has a great recipe for peanut butter chia overnight oats. So good!

@laurenxfowler I'm impressed you cook your oats, I'm lazy so just use the instant stuff but I find a cut up apple is a great substitute for honey. Also some berries in season is the best 😜

I slow cook my oats in alpro coconut milk, no water. Makes them super creamy and not too much tasting like suntan lotion.

@nickyschrire yes, back when I was #sowife I also did a that grated apple oats. Bircher muesli. But most mornings I just want bacon toast 😹


  1. But the texture....! So hard to swallow. Have you tried spelt bread at all?


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