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Erindi handstand Namibia

I've been in Namibia again for the past 10 days.
(You can see my trip from last year, here.)

It was so lovely to get away form my everyday life for a while. I got so overwhelmed with work and the days leading up to my trip were in-sane. I went up to take a break as well as give a talk to some high school students on illustration and design. I got to see my brother, my sister in law and my tiny baby sweet nephew. Best.

Erindi Game Lodge Hippo at watering hole

We camped over at Erindi for the weekend which was just amazing.
We could hear lions roar at night and beautiful gossiping birds in the morning.
The days were warm and the nights icy and dry.

The game lodge looks over a watering hole and it was nature watching at it's best.
Hippos sunbathing, crocodiles swimming past, elephants drinking and giraffes refreshing themselves.

Erindi game lodge Namibia Aardwolf elephant lion

We opted to go on a game drive which was magnificent.
Elephants greeted us form afar, aardwolfs blinked at us sleepily from a hole in the ground, giraffes galloped in slow motion, lions rested after a zebra snack and warthogs trotted about with antenna tails. I really love the air up in Namibia, everything has a filter of orangey dust. Spotting an animal in the landscape is like staring at one of those stereograms, you'll just be staring and suddenly an elephant will just appear out of some trees. So cool.

Back in Windhoek, my lovely sister in law, Elsje took me to the Avis dam. Namibia is going through a two year drought, which is a bit scary. I took some photos of us whilst we walked on the river bed, which was surreal. I was also privileged enough to see a fish eagle which was awesome. Namibia has such a wonderfully rich wildlife.

Avis Dam in Windhoek Namibia drought

Avis Dam in Windhoek Namibia drought

My trip was lovely, and magical.
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  1. Thanks for sharing your exiting adventure Lauren, enjoyed reading it a lot!


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