Coconutty Coffee Obsession

You know how there are so many fad diets and each one contradicts the other?

That stuff sucks. It's confusing and misleading most of the time. I've been following a (more or less) whole food diet for most of my life, besides being allergic to fish. I'll follow Banting one week and be a total vegan the next. I like to do a bit of everything. I even had one week where I only ate peanut butter on white toast, surprisingly people told me I looked good and looked a bit thinner.
Oh how I lolled.

Anyway, I've gone a little Pinterest obsessed lately trying to find food alternatives.
Besides wanting to lose a little extra flab that's made it's home around my torso, I also seem to be allergic to everything. At first, I just thought I had hay fever. Then I realised I was having "hay fever" all year round. It was only when my brother pointed out that I may be allergic to all the milky flat whites I was drinking, when the penny finally dropped. So I moved over to carton rice milk/drink whatever. But what do you do when you go to Barryydale and you only brought two cartons with you and they run out faster than expected? Pinterest. Of course. 

Over there I found clever people making "milky" coffees with coconut oil. That's it. just coconut oil and coffee! I tested out this wizardry myself and it's totally delicious! I had used coconut milk from a can before which was just honestly, quite awful, but the oil! Wow. It has quite a cocnutty taste which I don't mind, even though I've never been like, a Bounty bar person. I was also happy to know that it's all healthy and stuff. The combination gives you extra energy, boosts your metabolism as well as your immune system. I'm so happy to find an alternative to the carton rice milk which I'm sure has some awful preservative in it.

So, this is how you make foamy, coconutty coffee.

What you'll need:
- Coffee via Aeropress or mocha pot, french press, machine however.
- A nutribullet or stick blender, blender
- One teaspoon of coconut oil
- Honey to taste or whatever sweetener you like.

Make your coffee, put it into the Nutribullet, add 1tsp of coconut oil and 1tsp honey.
Blend. Done. FOR REAL

Side note, I put a little bit more oil in this morning, like 1.5 teaspoons instead of 1 and it's soooo creamy!


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