New Illustration Work

I've been so quiet on my blog lately!
So, to show that I haven't been lying around drinking copious amounts of wine, ignoring yoga sessions and sleeping late*, here is some of the work that I've been doing.
*I've also been doing those things.

Florence & Watson

I'm so excited about this project! 
I'm doing work with Rob van Vuuren and Dani Bischoff. This is the artwork I did for the children's play coming up in July at the 2015 Grahamstown Festival.

Spree Winter TVC 2015

I worked in collaboration with Shoestring Productions for the 2015 Spree Winter TVC.
I illustrated a street in Cape Town and the Shoestring Production team shot and comped in the models that they shot on a green screen.

Watch the ad here:

Spree Kids

Almost at exactly the same time as the other Spree job, I did some work for Spree kids.
I did some illustrations to be incorporated onto Justin Badenhorst's photographs.

A Wedding Gift

A couple asked me to illustrate the big five, a zebra and giraffe in an African setting. They used this illustration for a small print run of 45 as a gift for guests who were attending their wedding. I haven't done this style in a while, so it was really fun to get into all the details.


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