Hand stand for Namibia, photo by Natalie Roos
My beautiful friend, Natalie was invited by Open Africa to go on one of their amazing trips. The whole thing was very clandestine and we only found out where we were going the night before. I had told Natalie that I would go with her as her plus one and though that we were only leaving on the Friday or something. Turns out we were leaving on the Tuesday. Fine just fine! I'm flexible that way.

I did a bit of micro-blogging whilst I was there (which is amazing, since my phone was on its last legs and kept over heating in the +40° heat) so here are my Instagrams and mini stories that I took along the way. Namibia is breathtakingly beautiful by the way and you should visit!

I also made a little video of all the road photos I took.
I'm not gonna lie. This video took me forever to make! Lols.


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