The last 24 hours have been quite awesome.

I started Saturday morning with my parents, eating breakfast, test driving cars and what not.
I then slid comfortably into an afternoon of knitting with some freshly purchased wool from Orion whilst sitting with the cats in front of the fire.
Later, Gene and I went to a clothing exhibition where we saw friends and some new Skermunkil jewellery. 
Further into the evening, I had an intense chocolate fondant craving. There's only one place to get a dish of such decadence, The Woodlands Eatery. This has to be one of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town, they always accommodate me and I often just sit at the bar and pretend I'm in my own little private booth. If you look carefully, you can see one of my cross stitch pieces on the wall. We drank Devils Peak beer and ate our yummy, gooey, delicious chocolate fondants and retired home to bed.

Sunday started with a visit from Michelle of Cinder and Skylark to discuss a project that's underway, followed by a walk with Leo and Gene up in Deer park. We then ventured to the Hout Bay market for some lunch and returned home for some fireplace, knitting and guitar playing. Oh and of course, blogging :)


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