Okay, it's been a while, I know.
Jewel Tavern is situated on a side street off of Kloof Street, but the address is 72 Kloof Street, Cape Town. If you know Kloof street, it's just behind Davinci's and Saigon.

The Dim Sum is awesome.
The pork tastes fresh and the parcels are gorgeous and sticky.
I haven't had anything else on the menu that's worth talking about.
I've had the vegetarian stir fry which turned out just to be stir fried Pak Choy.
I've also had the Tom Yum soup which wasn't really anything to talk about either.

The Dim Sum, however, is great.
You can also watch it being made at the Dim Sum bar.
The vibe of the restaurant is a bit dull, so go with someone interesting.

Jewel Tavern
Call 021 422 4041


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