Gene and I have been craving some dim sum.
I'd heard about the new place on long street and had been wanting to get in there for weeks.
As I walked into South China Dim Sum, it was packed with local folk and only about 3 people who I didn't know. I bought some beer and wine and sat down with Gene to peruse the menu.

We ordered the noodle salad with chicken and a portion of dim sum, as well as this round doughy thing I can't remember the name of. All the food is served in eco friendly take away containers, which I'm not sure if I love or hate. The noodle salad was tasty and fresh but a little bit pricey for the size (R40) We ate our dumplings, which were delicious. The plate comes with three dumplings for R28 and was just too delicious for sharing. I ate a noodle dumpling (pork and shrimp filling) because I was still hungry which was really tasty.

Gene and I can both eat. A lot. So, this was not an incredibly filling meal for the price, but was big on quality, taste and the restaurant's stripped down aesthetic.

Image by Cindy Taylor


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