So! February is the month of love. Slap bam in the middle, we have Valentine's Day. I don't care what anyone says, it's rad. It's rad to feel special. It's rad to go out for a nice dinner and it's rad for your partner to get a beautiful heart felt gift.

A personalised x-stich hoop!
Could it be more perfect?
Not only is it a pretty wall decoration, it's also a symbol of love in your home, an affirmation if you will. Also, if you live together, it's kinda like a gift for yourself too.
All cross stitch orders come with a free Grr Bear card.

I'll be taking orders up until the 10th of February (Friday)
A 4" hoop, black or white canvas for R400 add R50 for a 5" hoop. 
If you want your own custom hoop, they start from R450.
I'm also doing a special on the "RAD owls piece":
I'll customise with your initial and you lovers initial (L & G) instead of writing RAD or, your favourite word. 

Ideas of fav words could be:
-woman/man beast 


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