Window Stitcher

From today (15th August) until the 15th of September, I've taken over the two box windows as an artist in residence at The Fringe Arts on Kloof street. I'll be working from the windows for the week form 10am - 4pm, come and visit!

I'l be taking cross stitch orders, and just generally working from the window, making pretty, fiddling with the windows and changing stuff up.


  1. Super exciting! If I find myself in town I will definitely come and check it out.

  2. Saw that you were dabbling a little in the window of Fringe Arts on Twitter, so thought I'd pop by the blog and see what's up. Cool that you got your site launched too. 'Tis looking great

  3. } that's a lovely idea. I'll see how my day goes, and hopefully I'll come and visit :) henriette


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