Jaunted Haunts Press

I know some people.
These people play some instruments and sing.
These people are truly inspirational.

I recently watched and listened and felt music made by
Righard Kapp and Givan Lotz.
It truly amazes me to see this kind of power before my eyes.

The label, Jaunted Haunts Press, (Righard Kapp) have put out a number of beautifully screenprinted, editioned albums by local artists.

Righard Kapp, a musician as well as an artist, is certainly one of the most entertaining people to watch. Someone who really feels his music when playing it. I sometimes feel anxious when Righard plays live shows, as the difficulty of the music he's written is so complex to me it astounds me that his fingers don't tangle whilst skipping across frets. Did I mention that he's left handed and plays a normal guitar upside down?

Givan Lotz sings in a tone that makes your heart want to break and fly at the same time. Interesting melodies and repeated, clear lyrics gives off waves of a kind of meditative qualities.
Just beautiful. I felt stoned when I watched him, utterly transfixed.
Find him here.
P.S He's also an artist...I know, right?

Ella Joyce Buckley is from another time, or maybe from a book. She seems curious to take things apart and see how they work. She's more a force of nature than anything else. Her music is layered and ethereal, her lyrics more aural poetry than anything else. Truly feminine and so easy to connect with, so different to anything I've ever really heard or experienced.
Did I mention she plays all the instruments herself?
You can find her new EP, Sway Church on the Jaunted Haunts Press shop.


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