I decided not to do site seeing and gallery wondering. Okay...I did a bit of it, but mostly, I was interested in how people live and eat and shop.

The little boutique shops consisted of lots of "ooooh!" and scrambling over to something to drool all over it, then my magpie eye would catch some other little brass coloured, shiny object and I'd dart over in my most contained manner, glance at the shop assistant to see if they were looking, then touch it and wish it were mine.
I'd do dollar, rand calculations in my head and put the object down softly and look unimpressed, leaving it to find something more inexpensive and look back longing over my shoulder at the most divine things and try and figure out how much money I really needed to eat everyday...

This happened on an almost hourly basis for me in New York and San Francisco.

The following images are from a shop in Brooklyn called The Future Perfect.
Love that name.

I got to see lots of art at the MOMA, but most importantly, I got to see Marcel Duchamp's work and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

In America, as soon as you sit down, they give you a glass or a bottle of water. Why don't we do this here?
We sit and ask waitings (i don't like the word waitron) for water over and over and dehydrate because the waitings doesn't remember as it's not something that goes through a Micros system or something they can get a tip on. *sigh

With that rant over, 5 Leaves.
This is probably my favourite restaurant in Brooklyn, not that I ate out much, but I did go there for dinner or lunch twice. They give you little jars for water glasses and reuse glass water or wine bottles to serve you "seated water".
Maybe it's because everyone in New York walks and are all thirsty once they get to the restaurant....okay, enough on that now.

I ate the grass-fed burger with gruyere. They ask if you'd like your fries plain, OR tossed in truffle oil! I tested the truffle oil, it was delicious.

I drank coffee at a couple of places, it wasn't as rad as the coffee you find in Cape Town*, but still drinkable.

Drip coffee is all the rage over there.
It's like filter coffee...I don't really understand why it's a hyped up thing *

*coffee snob alert

I found this pair of shoes at a market, they're made by a company called Justin, they specialise in cowboy boots.
I was instantly obsessed and began my quest to try and find these in my size.


  1. There is a bistro in Williamsburg that also sells cheese. Go there. Buy Pecorino and die happily. Of the L train on Grant street I think...
    I don't get the drip thing either. Do they drip one cup at a time?

  2. Love all your holiday photos. SO weird, discovered Future Perfect this afternoon and then bam, there's your post...would love to see it in real life. Hope you're well & welcome back. V x


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