Being A Man

I sometimes fantasize about being a man.
Not my ideal man, but actaully being a trendy man.

These are my fantasies of being a man with beautiful chocolate brown hair, a big beard, vintage sunglasses, suede shoes, navy blue jacket and old jeans, riding bike...or something.

Beautiful pics from Convoy, ffffound and Another Something


  1. oh my looooord i totally know what you mean!

    every time i read a continuous lean ( i feel like this.

  2. I often daydream about what it would be like to be a man & what type of guy I would be.

  3. i wanna be one of Malloy brothers in my next life please?!

  4. You know... you're a bit nutty but very entertaining...

  5. umm, not sure about the beard part!

  6. The beard part is honestly not what it is cracked up to be, haha

  7. oh wow.
    So glad so many ppl feel this way!
    @michael oh how i dream of having a beard....


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