Spring Market

Last week Saturday was the Spring Market!
I've finally found some time to put all my images together.
Skermunkil was there with their gorgeous jewellery.
Gorilla Is My Friend was there with lovely vintage clothing.
Jade made sure we didn't go hungry.
Flick sold her beautiful ceramics, Flickglass and Lilipads.
Gene had art for sale.

It was lovely.


  1. I can't get over how many nice things there are to do and see in Cape Town. Lovely pics fellow Lauren x

  2. Yo!yo!Yo! Lauren Fowler, I also was a little bit delayed with my market post!(sigh!)let me know when you have one of your random performances, so I can come and watch and bum some smokes of you!hahaha

  3. So lovely. Wish we had anything like that here in Pretoria

  4. sounds great,,,wish we had something like this in PE.


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