Adam the Velcro Suit

Adam is one of those know.
That one.
The one that makes you feel a little sick when you look at their work.
Not out of disgust, no. Their work is so amazing and perfect that it makes your heart sink a little and convince you that you are certainly not putting out the right amount of effort into your work.

Adam was at college with me, I was a couple of years below him and I truly believed that by the time I was in 3rd year, my work would look as amazing as his. " Wow, what a great school this is!" I thought. But little did I know that Adam's talent came purely from within him and the school had little to do with it. From his treatment of type to illustration, I feel my jealousy doused drool burn out of the side of my mouth. A truly amazing designer and illustrator, which will undoubtedly make you feel shame before inspiration, view Adam's work here.

Oh and did I mention he was also in a band and plays the guitar...sigh.


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