This Is Awkward...

So I know I said that I'd blog so much more when I had internet at home...
LIES! It was all lies!

Okay, so what can I tell you?
I've been working on stuff...
There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day for anything.

I did this ridiculous thing in July where I changed my profile pic everyday...I'm doing it now for August again.
Here are the pics from the last 3 days.
Wow, talk about needing content..


  1. They look awesome....especially the middle one!

  2. It's a brilliant concept, love the graphic circles with your daily text - big fan right here!

    Question - Something that I have been struggling with lately, I want to transfer my blog to a Wordpress Theme and individual domain, do you have your own domain? Why are you still using Blogger?


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