My Friend Jake

Last night I went for a wander around the neighbourhood looking for Benjamin. I didn't find him, however, when I got home, I found this box at my front door.

I got inside all excited and sat down on the floor to open it up, for one split second I thought that maybe Ben was inside. Instead, I found a packet of salt and vinegar crisps, a tub of cottage cheese (my favourite snack) and a brown parcel which read "Closest thing I could find". So I open it up and it's a pair of black "converse" from PEP which I love so much (the real Converse hurt my feet).

I wonder who it's from for about 2 seconds, and there's only one person it could be, the box says "Aerosols" on the side. It had to be Jake.
My heart is warm, my tummy is full and my feet are happy!
Jake is a great friend to have.

(Please excuse blurry phone camera pics)


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