Laura Marling, The National and Laura Veirs

Laura Marling

Laura Veirs

The National

Every now and then I go back and see what music I used to love and listen to it on repeat.
I am reeeally re-loving Laura Marling, The National and Laura Veirs...
I just can't get I thought I'd share my favourites...

Laura Marling:
Tap At My Window
Crawled Out Of The Sea (Interlude)
My Manic And I
The Captain And Hourglass

Laura Veirs:
Icebound Stream
Pink Light
Ocean Night Song
Don't Lose Yourself

The National:
City Middle
Fake Empire
Green Gloves
Slow Show
Start A War
Racing Like A Pro


  1. Do you know about A Skin, A Night from The National, released last year? Its got a bunch of live tracks, older demos and a couple of featured artists like Sufjan.

    Really one of the greatest bands around :)

  2. I like the National too, haven't heard the others but can't wait to give them a try :)


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