My word!
First you complain about how there's no work, then you get 3 jobs all at once with the same deadline along with more jobs planned for after those jobs are done!! Then you realise that you've finally made it and that quitting your job was the best thing you've ever done!
Last week I took part in the Lino Bloom exhibition...photos to come, it was great and lots of people came through, thank you to everyone who came!

Thank you to Heather from skinnylaminx who accepted my 'taggage', I don't think the contents of my bag would appeal to anyone...snotty tissues and till slips haha, you're brave Heather..or maybe just neater than me!

Now i will be working solidly for 2 weeks at a really great illustration studio, yay!
So I may be a bit quiet after this weekend.
Picture: Nina and I waiting for 8:30


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