Up and Down and Round and Round

Do you ever feel lke life is a little kid...and you're a cat...and the kid grabs your tail and swings you vilolently around it's head?

I've been feeling a bit like that lately..

Quit my job and feel amazing but now I'm financially worried...amongst other things going on, the confusion and madness has left me feeling a little bewildered.

What i wouldn't like better than to climb into a little black hole with a really sot blanket and just go hibernate for a bit...just a month or two. oh dear. But march on we must!

I'll be opening an Etsy shop quite soon...well, that all depends if the bank will give me a credit card or not. All I can say right now is thank god for knitting and sewing, there's something about the predictablity of it that makes me feel safe. I'll post some images soon.

P.S love this image i found on ffffound.


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