Yarn Bombing

Saturday was International Yarn Bombing Day. I met up with some lovely knitty ladies and we chatted and sipped coffee at the Company Gardens. Then we bombed the rail of the National Gallery and surrounds. It was fantastic.

The finished rail.

Jesse getting her stitch on.

Keeping the statue warm.

Thank so much to Pam Sykes for organising all us woolly ladies together.


  1. This is the raddest idea ever! If I was better at knitting I'd totally join :)

  2. This is awesome! I love innovative ideas like this.

  3. dig it so much! =)

  4. } your pics look cool. so jealous, would have loved to have been there.

  5. that looks like it was a lot of fun! i like your blog. plan on following! have a good one.


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