Vida Green Tee Exhibition

Marina offering some Jameons cocktail to "the dress".

Detail of the back of the dress, yes, those are the cuffs of the shirt!

Marina and I.

One of Justin Badenhorst photographs that I retouched.

Rupert and I.
Last night was the Vida E Caffe Green Tee Exhibition.
So, in a nut shell, fashion designers were collected, old clothes were collected, the fashion designers made new clothes out of the old ones and got other collected people in the music/arts/stuff scene to wear them and then photographers were collected and then they took pictures of those people wearing the other people's clothing...
In my case, Marina Geldenhuys, (Sew-Sew, available at O.Live) made her clothing from discarded men's shirts, then Justin Badenhorst photographed Rupert, (Owner of O.Live) and I in a swimming pool! It was such fun...

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